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Arvon Stanly Jones: (b. May 14, 1897 d. May 20, 1955)
Married Esther Josephine Peterson: (b. Dec 8, 1902, d. Sept 20, 1989)
On Dec. 24, 1924

From the Stratford Courier, some time after December 1924

Miss Esther Peterson of this place and Mr. Arvon Jones of Des Moines were united in marriage here Christmas Eve, December 24, 1924, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.T. Angstrom.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. H. Flesher and was witnessed by the relatives and a few friends.

Mrs. Jones is a daughter of Mrs. P.T. Angstrom is is one of Stratford's young ladies of which everyone is proud.  She graduated a short time ago as nurse from the Iowa Lutheran hospital in Des Moines and since been engaged in her work in Des Moines. 

Mr. Jones is employed by the city of Des Moines, being in the engineering department of that city.  He is a pleasing young man and well liked by all those who know him.

They went to housekeeping at once and will be at home to their friends at 2728 Logan Ave., Des Moines, after January 1st.  Their hosts of friends here unite with The Courier in wishing them a long and happy married life.

TIP:  Check with older family members for any information they might have. Think of newspaper clippings, funeral notices & funeral pamphlets.  Look carefully at the back of pictures for names & dates.  Ask questions for possible dates to research.

My parents always knew there were hard feelings on both the Heggen and Jones sides of the family to them getting married. When I went to Iowa for a research trip in 1991, I went to visit my mothers great-Aunts.  Nicknamed the Penguins by my Uncle Lou, these 2 Stader sisters were a kick in the pants.  They told my why there were such hard feelings.  They story they told was that Arvon Jones was "dating" with the intent to marry their cousin Elin Heggen.  Grandpa Arvon had an appendicitis which put him into the hospital for surgery.  His nurse was of course my Grandmother Esther.  They married within 3 months of his release from the hospital.  No wonder the Heggen's were a little ticked.

Esther & Arvon Jones
Grandpa Arvon was a photographer. He probably took this picture in about 1940.

I have several pictures he took of places they traveled.  One is a black & white of a cabin that Aunt Lorraine then took and painted in oils.  These hung on my parents living room walls for as many years.  It wasn't until a couple years ago that I put them together on the same wall and realized they were the same subject.

Grandpa was an Engineer with only an 8th grade education.  He was very strict on his boys, and both got jobs after school at very young ages.

Survived by 5 sisters, not bad for an only child.

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