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Lest you think I was done, and going to move on to new people... I have 3 different, yet very nearly the same obituary for T.J. Jones, M.D.

taken from Des Moines Tribune Tuesday Aug 22, 1911
The natives of Wales in Des Moines will hold special services Wednesday evening at the home of the late Dr. T.J. Jones 2827 Logan Avenue .  Services will be held in both languages.  The funeral services for Dr. Jones will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Grant Park Church of Christ.  Interment will be made in Laurel Hill cemetery.
(note) The Grand Park Church of Christ is now the Grant Park Christian Church in 1998.  The church is located at 2440 Capitol Avenue, only a few blocks from where Thomas lived on Logan Avenue.

taken from Des Moines Capitol Monday August 21, 1911
Dr. T. J. Jones, a prominent local physician, died suddenly at his home, 2827 Logan Avenue, Sunday morning.  Dr. Jones was half sitting and reclining upon the pillows reading.  Suddenly his body relaxed and he sank back without a sound.  When members of the family reached him, he was dead.  Dr. Jones retired Saturday night apparently in the best of health, so the cause of his demise is unknown.  A postmortem examination will be held.
The deceased was born in Wales March 2, 1845.  He came to American in 1880.  For several years he practiced his profession at Bevington Iowa, and moved to this city in 1905.  Since that time he has had offices above the Valley National Bank at 4th and Walnut Street. Besides a wife, he leaves 6 children, 2 sons and 4 daughters.  They are: Mrs. Marie Newman, Mrs. Agnes Maser, and Miss Hannah Jones of Spokane, Wash., Mrs. J. R. Henry, Bevington Iowa; D.J. and Arvin Jones, Des Moines.
 The funeral announcement will be made after communication with the out of town relatives.

The Register and Leader Monday August 21, 1911
Death Comes as He Lay on Bed Reading Morning Paper  - Retired Saturday Night in Usual Health.
Dr. T.J. Jones, a well known physician of Des Moines, died suddenly yesterday morning at his residence, 2827 Logan Avenue. In accordance with his usual custom, Dr. Jones arose yesterday morning, brought in his copy of The Register and Leader, and lay upon his bed preparatory to reading its pages. Dissolution had come suddenly and while he lay in a natural position.  He had retired Saturday evening apparently in the best of health.  For a number of years Dr. Jones has had offices above the Valley National Bank at 4th and Walnut Streets.  Dr. Jones was born in Wales, Mar 3, 1854, coming to America in 1880.  He practiced his profession in Bevington, IA., from 1889 until 1906, when he moved to Des Moines.  Besides a wife he leaves 2 sons and 4 daughters, who are Mrs. Marie Newman, Mrs. Agnes Masser, Miss Hannah Jones, all of Spokane, Wash.; Mrs. J. R. Henry of Bevington,  and D.J. and Arvin Jones of Des Moines.  The funeral announcement will be made later.

(taken from death certificate)
Male - white - born March 3, yr blurred - died Aug 20, 1911 - married - birthplace Wales - father David Jones born in Wales - mother's maiden name is Jenkins - mother born in Wales - occupation physician.cause of death - acute dilation of heart

(giggle... Grandma Jones said he was a drunk and talked like she had to live with him, even though she came into the family 13 years after he died.)

Diary Mussings

There is something warm about holding this little book just knowing that 4 generations of Jones' have held and read it gives me a feeling of connection to 3 generations that have passed on.  This book measures about  4x6, so not very large.  I know without a doubt, that without this little book, I could have never found the family in Wales. The family "genealogy" portion, as you can see was only 10 scant pages.  There are several pages of home remedies which could be interesting, but they are written in Welsh, so I can't read them.

So, what did I learn in those 10 scant pages that I hadn't know when I started researching?  A great deal.  T.J. (as Thomas John Jones was know in his later years), grew up in Wales in the Pontypridd and Treforest area of Glamorgan.  His grandfather was Thomas John who married Mary Thomas who had his father David John, who married Margret Jenkins and provided TJ with siblings Maria, Samuel, David and Hannah, along with their spouses and birth and death dates.

T.J. Jones arrived in America March 4th 1883 with his wife Jimimah and children. His siblings seem to all already be living here under the name of Jones.  The vast majority of the family took the middle name of John (even the women) and appended the Jones surname.

TJ lived for a few years in Bevington, Iowa, being a farmer, carpenter and a Phrenologist (one who studies the bumps and measurements of a patient's skull).  Jimimah passed away June 24th 1893. He married Maribe Steele Bell sometime between 1893 and 1897 when their son Arvon was born. They relocated to Des Moines, Iowa and T.J. went back to school, receiving

TJ & Jimimah had 5 children together
Meribe & Thomas Bell had 8 children together
TJ & Meribe had 1 child.

So, this is how my father came from an only child but still had lots of Aunts & Uncles. And, without the help of TJ's little brown book, I came to know my Jones side a little bit better.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Diary Pages 10 & 11

Hannah J. Jones
Born in Des Moines

Arvon Stanly Jones
Born in
Bevington (Iowa)
May 14th 1897
(My Grandfather)

Married Maribe Bell
March 28th 1895
(I discovered later that Jimimah had passed away)

Thos. J. Jones
Died August 20 - 1911
Buried Aug 24 - 1911
At Des Moines, Ia
(This is written by Arvon)

Arvon John Jones
Rec'd 1st degree in Masonry Sept 20- 1919
(This looks to be my grandmother's handwriting but could be Arvon's)

Diary 8 & 9

Wm Jones ___ ____ Died June 3rd Buried the 6th 1873 at Llamsamffred

I believe but have not proven conclusively that this is Thomas' brother.

Margret John Daughter of Thomas & Jimimah John born on the first of July 1876 at Freelaw
Christened in Ebenezar Dinas March 4th 1877 by Wm Evans _____

Maria John Born Feb 25th 1878 at Birds Terrace Pontyprid
Christened by E. Davis Pontyprid

David John born Dec. 16th 1880

Diary Pages 6 & 7

 My great-grandfather & great-grandmother information:
Thomas John
Born March 3, 1854
Baptized by Ed. Mathews

Jimimah Walker Born June 21st 1856
Married June 29th 1874 in Treforest

Began my trade with Joseph Roberts Oct 30 1871

Went to the Society Nov. 21st 1872. Bacame a full member May 11th 1873.

1875 Made a contract with Williams Tonypandy for the sum of 580?
Lost about 150 by it Sold before completed for 1225 to EL Jenkins Grocer

Hannah John
Born Nov 27th 1856

To America 1882

Thomas John Jones
The Jones being used by David in town for 10 years used also by ___ Samuel & Hannah

Arrived in New York March 4th 1883

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jones Diary Pages 4 & 5

 Pages 4 & 5 are very brief.
These are Thomas John Jones' brothers

Daniel John Born July 5 1851

Feb 7th Started to America 1870
Samuel John
Born Oct 17th 1848
Married Janet Hopkins
Jan 31st 1874
Went to America 1882
Arrived there (at Des Moines)
May 4th

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jones Diary Pages 2-3

Thomas John & Mary Thomas  Married Feb 7th 1820
 Eldest son of the above David John
Born Nov 23 - 1821
Margret Jenkins Born July 4th 1813
Married 1845
Thomas John died June 27th 1879, Born 1793
David John died Nov 13th, 1857
Buried 15th at Ebenezar Dinas(r)

What I know from researching is that David John & Margret Jenkins are the parents of Thomas John (Jones).

Their Children
 Maria John born July 26th 1846 Maried William Lewis

(And now I know the first born of David and Margret John)

Buried Feb 19th 1872 at Ebenizar Dinas Died 15th

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jones Diary Page 1 - Family

TJ Jones MemorandumMany years ago when I began researching my Jones Line, my mother pulled one of her mysterious trips into the closet and came up with a small Diary. The diary (mentioned the other day) was owned by Thomas John Jones, b.  Mar 3 1854 in Pontypridd Glamorgan Wales. From this small book came a wealth of information. 

The first thing I found, was that in Wales, the family name was John. What I'm trying to figure out now, is how the first page of names and dates figure into my family. 

This page starts out with Mary Thomas, Born 1795
Alice Thomas Born 1800 Died Feb 20th 1879 Buried at ?
Thomas Thomas Died July 7th 1870
Buried 9th at Ebenezar Dinas 82 years of his age
Mary John Died Oct 14th 1877

So, who are these people?  How do they relate? On to page 2...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jones/John Name History

Have started following twitter through MetroTwit, where you can pin specific hash tags, I came across a blog on the Jones surname which included an interesting history of the Jones name:

In my Great-Grandfather Thomas John Jones' diary it has "Thos John Jones, the Jones being used by David in town for ten years used also by Thos Samuel & Hannah. Arrived in New York March 4th 1883".  Without this little tidbit of information, I would have search Wales for years with no luck.  I found it interesting that Thomas, his brothers & sister all appended the Jones to the John.  He was known in later years as Dr. T. J. Jones, M.D.

I have never found a ship that docked on March 4th 1883, but not having the extra funds that it takes to join the different organizations that sell the information, I'm kinda stuck.  I'll keep looking. Someday, some free site will have the info...

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Real date on this blog is 10/2/2012
Got in last night with my mother to Aunt Shirley's house in West Lafayette, Indiana. Turns out that it is just over 2 hours from here to here to Vernon, Jennings Co. Indiana where my Simpson spent some time.  Wish I had time to research. The branch that lived there is the following:
George Simpson b. Nov 1, 1792 d. 1845 in Vernon, Jennings Co. Indiana
Susannah Tweedy b. 1795 d. 1845 in ? Jennings Co. Indiana
George Simpson b. 1822 d 1878

Did not have internet enough to be able to publish this blog post.  So since I just found it, I'll do it now.

Headed Home

Have spent a wonderful week with my Mom, her sisters, the twins and cousins in West Lafayette, IN.  Did not get any research done, but have heard a few family rumors I can't wait to get home and research.  I'm currently sitting in the O'Hare airport (ORD) in Chicago, waiting for my plane home.

Worst part of this was the week in Indiana was being 2 hours from Vernon, Jennings Co. Indiana where Mom's family came from before they moved to Glide Rock, Nebraska.  NO research done.  Oh, well. rumors will just have to do.

We did have the pleasure of going to Winfield, Illinois to spend the night with a cousin there then going into Chicago for an Architecture Boat tour of buildings in downtown.  It was a great deal of fun.  This is mom & Aunts in front of the boat we took.