Monday, October 15, 2012

Jones Diary Page 1 - Family

TJ Jones MemorandumMany years ago when I began researching my Jones Line, my mother pulled one of her mysterious trips into the closet and came up with a small Diary. The diary (mentioned the other day) was owned by Thomas John Jones, b.  Mar 3 1854 in Pontypridd Glamorgan Wales. From this small book came a wealth of information. 

The first thing I found, was that in Wales, the family name was John. What I'm trying to figure out now, is how the first page of names and dates figure into my family. 

This page starts out with Mary Thomas, Born 1795
Alice Thomas Born 1800 Died Feb 20th 1879 Buried at ?
Thomas Thomas Died July 7th 1870
Buried 9th at Ebenezar Dinas 82 years of his age
Mary John Died Oct 14th 1877

So, who are these people?  How do they relate? On to page 2...

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