Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jones Diary Pages 2-3

Thomas John & Mary Thomas  Married Feb 7th 1820
 Eldest son of the above David John
Born Nov 23 - 1821
Margret Jenkins Born July 4th 1813
Married 1845
Thomas John died June 27th 1879, Born 1793
David John died Nov 13th, 1857
Buried 15th at Ebenezar Dinas(r)

What I know from researching is that David John & Margret Jenkins are the parents of Thomas John (Jones).

Their Children
 Maria John born July 26th 1846 Maried William Lewis

(And now I know the first born of David and Margret John)

Buried Feb 19th 1872 at Ebenizar Dinas Died 15th

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