Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jones/John Name History

Have started following twitter through MetroTwit, where you can pin specific hash tags, I came across a blog on the Jones surname which included an interesting history of the Jones name:

In my Great-Grandfather Thomas John Jones' diary it has "Thos John Jones, the Jones being used by David in town for ten years used also by Thos Samuel & Hannah. Arrived in New York March 4th 1883".  Without this little tidbit of information, I would have search Wales for years with no luck.  I found it interesting that Thomas, his brothers & sister all appended the Jones to the John.  He was known in later years as Dr. T. J. Jones, M.D.

I have never found a ship that docked on March 4th 1883, but not having the extra funds that it takes to join the different organizations that sell the information, I'm kinda stuck.  I'll keep looking. Someday, some free site will have the info...

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