Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Costenson's

I seem to have posted all the unknown pictures, so now I'm going to start in on another branch of my family who I have mentioned, but haven't researched much about.

My great-grandmother Emma Mathilda Costenson and her husband Lewis Peterson will be the next topic.

 Emma was born August 28, 1879 in Galesburg, Knox Co. Illinois. The daughter of Charles & Hedda (Heddie) Johnson. 
She married Lewis Peterson, born December 12, 1862, the son of Reverend Richard Peterson and Anna Sophia Engvall. I don't know when they married, but Esther Josephine Peterson (my grandmother) was born 1902 in El Campo, Wharton Co. Texas

Emma was one of 7 Children: 
Not sure which of the brothers is which, however, Ida is on the left and Emma is on the right. The boys are Walter, Frank, Emil, Fred & Edd.  I believe Emil is in the center between his sisters, and Edd is in back row right. 


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