Sunday, December 9, 2012

Breakthrough on travel

I have searched off and on for many years for the ship that Thomas John/Jones took to come to the US.  Today, a very nice lady helped me break through the travel brick wall. While we haven't found Thomas, we did find his family:

Vessel:     Wyoming    Port of Embarkation: Liverpool & Queenstown    Date of Arrival: July 10 1883

92 Louisa Jones       27    F    Wife    England    United States    After
93 Margaret Jones     7    F    Child    "                 "                  "
94 Maria Jones          5    F    Child    "                 "                  "
95 David Jones          2    M   Child    "                 "                  "
96 Agnes Jones     7mo    F    Child    "                 "                  "
From FamilySearch
One of the most wonder things about this find is that I didn't have Agnes included in the family. Due to a spelling error, she was an unattached person.  Once I fixed the spelling, and her birth date that I had wrong, things lined up wonderfully.  I had not really seen the name Louisa used for Jimimah/Jemimah
before, but in looking for Agnes, I came across it as her middle name.  So, 3 beautiful early Christmas presents for me today.

I want to thank Maria again for all her help.

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