Saturday, December 29, 2012

Changing things up - My Christmas present to myself.

I discovered that my 3rd G. grandfather from my mother's side of the family was written up in a newspaper:



Charles E. Stader of G. A. R. Committee
Seeks Information.
     The G. A. R. committees have been un-
able to find the graves of the following
old soldiers: Jas. Brineger, J. O. Blaire,
Albert Dodd, Geo. Estell, C. D. Folsom,
S. R. Fulkerd, A. Monford, W. W.
Rand, Rollan Righard, Geo. Wallace.
     If any relatives know the location of
their graves they are requested to notify
Chas. E. Stader, who will be at the ceme-
tery  Tuesday from 1 p. m. until 5 p. m.
at soldiers' plat.


Now I know I inherited my love of cemeteries, thank you!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Breakthrough on travel

I have searched off and on for many years for the ship that Thomas John/Jones took to come to the US.  Today, a very nice lady helped me break through the travel brick wall. While we haven't found Thomas, we did find his family:

Vessel:     Wyoming    Port of Embarkation: Liverpool & Queenstown    Date of Arrival: July 10 1883

92 Louisa Jones       27    F    Wife    England    United States    After
93 Margaret Jones     7    F    Child    "                 "                  "
94 Maria Jones          5    F    Child    "                 "                  "
95 David Jones          2    M   Child    "                 "                  "
96 Agnes Jones     7mo    F    Child    "                 "                  "
From FamilySearch
One of the most wonder things about this find is that I didn't have Agnes included in the family. Due to a spelling error, she was an unattached person.  Once I fixed the spelling, and her birth date that I had wrong, things lined up wonderfully.  I had not really seen the name Louisa used for Jimimah/Jemimah
before, but in looking for Agnes, I came across it as her middle name.  So, 3 beautiful early Christmas presents for me today.

I want to thank Maria again for all her help.