Friday, January 18, 2013

Heading back to Keeping up with the Jones'

From the "Biennial Report of the Commissioners of Pharmacy for the State of Iowa 1891"
Google Books:

My great grandfather was fined $25.00 for having a drug store with out being a registered pharmacist. He was a physician, a graduate of Drake School of Medicine in Des Moines, Polk Co. Iowa.  He belonged to the Iowa Eclectic Physicians. Not bad for a young man who had 8 years of primary school, was a miner in Wales, traveled to the US and worked as a carpenter on the Iowa State House in the late 1880's.

It has been a fun journey, first receiving the journal he wrote, then gathering data on him.  The best finds were the attached letter and prescription.

Who knew Loyds Echinacea was good for snake bite... Here is a good article on echinacea
Forgot to add, Virdell Newman grew up to be a physician also...

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